Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Casa de Carmen’s apartments for rent in Puerto Vallarta? Below are answers to commonly asked questions. Please visit our Contact page if you have additional questions or would like more information.

Is there Internet?

  • Yes, every apartment in the building is equipped with wireless Internet, and every apartment has its own router. There is also wifi in the common areas (including rooftop terrace/pool area).
  • Casa de Carmen uses Infinitum Internet 5Mbps provided by Telmex. You can view their website here:
  • Casa de Carmen provides Internet to tenants free of charge. The speed is ideal for basic web surfing and email. If you need the Internet as a source of income or require higher Mbps, we ask that you please contract your own service plan. We are happy to put you in touch with any of the many companies that provide Internet in the area.

Is there air conditioning?

  • Yes, almost every apartment has air conditioning. Only Apartment 5 and the Cupola Penthouse do not have air conditioning—have many windows and can be cooled by a natural breeze; however, portable AC units are available on request. Additionally, every apartment has ceiling fans in both the kitchen and bedroom.

Is there hot water?

  • Yes, every apartment has hot water and its own hot water heater.

Is there cable TV?

  • Yes, every apartment has an LCD TV with cable.
  • There are about 14 channels in English, mostly streamed from New York or California. In total there are about 80 channels.
  • Our cable provider is Telecable. You can view their TV Guide listings here:

Is there a security deposit?

  • Yes, every apartment requires a security deposit equal to one month’s rent.
  • The security deposit will be refunded after the lease ends, apartment has been inspected, and keys returned. You can get your security deposit back in cash, by personal check, bank transfer (US or Mexican bank), or via PayPal. You can also use the security deposit to secure an apartment for a future date. You must complete the full reserved period of stay for your security deposit to be returned; any cancellations prior to your scheduled departure will forfeit the security deposit.

What are my payment options?

  • Residents can make payments with cash, personal check, bank transfer (US or Mexican bank), or via PayPal.

Who pays for utilities?

  • Casa de Carmen will always pay for Internet, cable, gas, and water.
  • Regarding electricity:
    – If you are renting for one month, you do not pay for electricity. Casa de Carmen pays the electric bill.
    – If you are renting for two or more months, you pay for electricity. The reason for this is because air conditioning is responsible for over 50% of the electric bill, and it can be very costly if the air conditioning is used excessively. The electric billing cycle is every two months.

How secure is the building?

  • The main front door is the only entrance to the building. This entrance is secured with a deadbolt lock, and each tenant has a set of keys.
  • In addition, each apartment unit has an entry knob lock and a deadbolt lock. These are replaced for each new tenant.
  • Each unit with a balcony also has a lock for the balcony doors.
  • Casa de Carmen is located in a safe neighborhood, and over the years we have developed a great relationship with the community.

Can residents use on-site laundry facilities?

  • No, there are no on-site laundry facilities at Casa de Carmen available for residents.
  • There is a laundromat about 240 meters down Calle Jacarandas. They charge about $1 USD per kilo of clothing. You can drop off clothing in the morning and pick it up the same day in the afternoon.
  • Click below to view step-by-step directions to two nearby laundromats:
              – Laundromat on Calle Jacarandas
              – Laundromat on Calle Manuel M. Dieguez

Can I drink the tap water?

  • Unless you are from Mexico or used to drinking the tap water, we recommend drinking bottled water. The tap water in Mexico contains different bacteria that most foreigners aren’t use to, and this can make people sick.
  • Large jugs of water (garrafón in Spanish) are recommended. They are available at local corner stores for about $25 pesos. Each apartment has a Talavera water dispenser for holding water, and the pottery keeps water cool.

Where do I dispose of my trash?

  • Please dispose of your household trash in the large garbage container near the front of the building.

Is there recycling?

  • Yes. There are large recycling bins inside the building near the front entrance door.